Traveling is not for everyone apparently, some people just enjoy spending their vacations sitting on the patio outside their house by just relaxing or maybe catch up on some TV shows.  It might just be that their concept of travel is driving the hour or two toward the mountains, staying at some hotel that has a bar and a golf course, and spend their time at the pool/spa area. I myself have a different view of traveling.

We have an amazing world out there. A world full of color, happiness and beauty. There are so many fascinating things to see, and I feel like I would be missing out on a big part of my life if I don’t discover the world, other than just the few hundred miles around my home city.17838-sun-setting-over-the-ocean-pv

I’m 19 years old, and I’ve managed to travel to quite a few places, including a portion of Europe, a big part of North America, Mexico and Israel. My last destination was Cancun, Mexico. It was a trip I’ll never forget. One day I would be jumping 50 foot cliffs in the Mexican jungles, while the next I was in the deepest bat caves just admiring nature at its best. The beaches were unbelievably stunning, the clear blue water and the crystal white sand made me feel as if everything in the world was perfect. As if there is no wars or danger and sicknesses going around all around me.  It’s fascinating how beautiful places like these can make you feel stuff you know are not true. But I chose to capture the moment for what it was, and not think about all the chaos that’s going on everywhere else;
I have big plans for traveling. Even though I know life will not always allow me to travel as much as i would like, I still believe it’s good to dream. And who knows, maybe one day those dreams will come true.

What about you? Where do you discover that the world can be perfect?

Pic is courtesy of Google Images.